Aquarius VS. Careers

There is a little bit of drive in Aquarius’ heart, deep down inside, that motivates them to work hard and achieve their career. From a very young age Aquarians are drawn to the very masculine world of power, influence, achievement, fame, and self-actualization. Public recognition feeds their self-worth and self-esteem, making them feel as though they are actually making a difference in somebody’s life. They also need constant acceptance from their peers, to be loved and accepted the way they are, and to belong to something greater than themselves. For many, their self-respect is closely tied to what they make and do. And their career is how they build it up.

Every Water Bearer (Aquarius) has big, futuristic ideas of ways to solve problems faced by millions around the world, lifting the masses out of poverty with education and invention, changing government policies to promote equality, and testing the limits of mankind. The most fulfilling work lets them do all of that, while working in a group of like-minded individuals.

The Aquarius employee or coworker does best when you give them the freedom to take an idea and run with it. Their mind is a machine made to turn out creative solutions, invent different ways of doing things, and network with people to discover the possibilities. If you have an Aquarius working for you, give them their own personal space and time alone, but then let them come out and join a crowd of others to bounce ideas off of. In no time, they will become one of your most popular and likeable workers – just don’t get too pushy or controlling, or their rebelliousness will push back just as hard.

An Aquarius boss possesses large amount of fair judgement and manage the workplace with flair and an professional attitude. They are entertaining and accepting of all their workers, listening to everyone’s ideas and considering everyone’s point of view. Things only get difficult when their fondness for spontaneity starts to shake things up, throwing the whole office into chaos. This can be frustrating for the people that have to deal with it directly. Hopefully, this boss will keep their disruptions isolated to their own section of work, without it spilling out into other people’s lives. If not, things can get very frustrating, very quickly.

That is the biggest thing holding back Aquarius’ success: their ideas toward spontaneous change. Few are more committed and hard working than an Aquarius with a dream. But few are more likely to drop it all and suddenly change course halfway through, either. It may be due to sudden stubborn rebelliousness, or it may be that a new ideas has struck them and inspired them to work on something else. Whatever it is, the out-of-the-blue change completely distracts them from achieving their long-term goals. Aquarius needs to work on dodging those disruptions, perhaps by picking a flexible industry that allows for frequent changes.


Aquarius VS. Relationships

Every Aquarius has their loner moments, for sure. But more often than not they prefer to dissolve into a larger group of people, becoming a part of something greater than their individual selves, they have a large number of platonic friends and loosely-connected associates, going for quantity over quality to keep themselves interested. Always the entertainer, people are drawn to Aquarian energy for how fun and funny they can be. To their friends, they offer intellectual conversation, shared interests, big ideas, kindness, and acceptance to anybody who comes their way. It’s no wonder they can become so popular.

But as friendly and outgoing as they may be, they lack that warmth that is found in other kinds of friends. An Aquarius will help you solve your problems and support you as you go through life’s ups and downs. You can hang out with them at parties, get hammered, and talk deep into the night about all your thoughts and ideas. But you don’t go to them when you need a shoulder to cry on. The fact that they do not let their friendships becomes more personal is what keeps them from having deeper connections to the ones they love. And that fact messes with their relationships.

In love, an Aquarius need a partner who treats them like an equal. They want respect, understanding, and moral support, and to be left alone to live an unrestrained life. They have absolutely no tolerance for jealousy or possessiveness, and will stubbornly rebel against a partner who tries to smother them with emotional demands. They are most attracted to people who double down on being open-minded and adventurous.

Aquarians lack a fundamental understanding of human emotions, how they work, how to express them in a healthy way, and why they are important, because they have an inbred aversion to emotions and emotional expression. Unable to properly communicate their feelings to others, the pressure inside them builds and builds, until it bursts into random emotional fits that come out of nowhere, over minor, trivial things. This creates instability within the home and relationship, which breeds fear and ruins trust.

In order to cure these problems, Aquarians need to learn how to cut back on their masculine rationality and add more femininity to their character. Aquarius is more than capable of rebelling against those stereotypes. Femininity is about being nice, polite, beautiful, harmonious, cooperative, considerate, and selfless. It is about forming happier, healthier relationships with one another, strengthening human bonds and becoming closer to those you love. Becoming more feminine means getting more in touch with your own feelings and the feelings of those around you.

Their close relationships with others suffer because they lack sensitivity, empathy, compassion, warmth, and tenderness. And they relationship with themselves suffers as well, as they do not accept their feelings as real and valid and worthy of expression. But Aquarians eventually find that many of the qualities that make them such great friends (kindness, acceptance, being so relationship-oriented) are feminine ones that they can build off of. More than anything, what helps the most is a partner who can be their emotional leader, helping to guide them to get in touch with how they feels and ease them into becoming more feminine. With the right person, Aquarius can learn not to fear intimacy and vulnerability. And instead, can learn how to listen, think, act, and touch people in a moving way.

Growing Up An Aquarius

Of all the Signs, Aquarius is the least likely to listen to the rules and walk obediently with their head down. However, as enlightened, forward thinking, and rebellious as they may be, nobody is completely immune to what our culture teaches us. And for Aquarius, they fall into the trap of believing masculine qualities to be bright and powerful and positive, and feminine ones to be weak, annoying, and negative.

Whether the Aquarius child is a boy or a girl, they are always closer to their father than their mother. They see their mother as emotionally overbearing, dramatic, worrying, or “needy”, which stresses the child out and keeps them from expressing their emotions. They are much more comfortable with their father’s more rational, dispassionate, and unemotional approach to problem solving, as it is so much like their own. Combine these things with many sudden changes that uproots their home life and makes their family unstable, and you get a child that grows up not letting themselves get too close to any one person.

Seeing the difference between their mother and father, and absorbing different messages about men and women growing up, Aquarians learn to identify more with male role models and masculine qualities, and find boys easier to get along with and understand. They are drawn to masculine power, authority, sexuality, intelligence, and rationality, and are put off by feminine weakness, vanity, irrationality, and drama. Aquarius girls especially think that their tomboyish-nature makes them better than other girls, because they are not vain, shallow, catty, emotional, or irrational like they are.

As they reach young adulthood, Aquarians leave high school with plenty of friends and high hopes for the future. But while they may already think themselves more mature and more aware of the truths of this world, as they find out, they still have many qualities they need to work on if they are to evolve into a better person. And that includes adopting all of those feminine qualities they thought they were better than before.

Aquarius Vs. Love

An Aquarius will love you with their entire heart when they finally let themselves fall in love. However most of the times they are too scared to give love another chance after being hurt badly, they are afraid to lose themselves in love. They are true romantics at heart who longer for that fairy-tale love story, even though they may perceive themselves as carefree, underneath the exterior is a heart ready to love unconditionally.

Unfortunately they stop themselves from falling in love before it gets too serious, they often push away what they want most, and are prone to running away when emotions get too high. They don’t want to hurt anybody else so they flee but regret it soon after. They won’t let many people see the real them, because they tend to hide behind this shy, and wacky personality for protection.

How an Aquarian treats you is a reflection of themselves not you, and because of that they are emotionally disconnected which makes it hard for them to find love, they want to love everyone but don’t love the ones closest to them. Once they stop letting fear control them, they will find their true happiness.


Aquarius Women & Who They Are.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”                                                                                                                                  ~ Eleanor  Roosevelt



An Aquarius Woman is beauty in its entirety, an old soul mixed with modern ways. Her magnetic Personality, and unswerving loyalty to those that she loves, is just a small sample of the way that she wears her crown. She’s a homemaker, who knows how to take care of herself. She lives in a beautiful balance, refusing to let stress or negativity overcome her. She’s a free thinker, not conforming to every fad just because they are the thing to do, the philanthropist & activist, focused upon equality for all. She loves freely, and never with strings; and while she has a huge heart, she’s no fool. She can see through the lies no matter who is bringing it to the table. She is indeed an endangered species.

They are powerful and self reliant, which means they have a tendency to reject support & help; they take risks, and need to do everything themselves to prove their independence. No matter who it is, they will always stand up for themselves if they feel they are being wronged, they are private and keep things to themselves, yet social at heart, and friendly with everyone. Very intelligent and intuitive, making them a business woman & leader who is focused upon giving back more than success. Though she is powerful and mysterious, she seeks freedom, she is a free bird and wont be tied down. Spontaneous, and unpredictable, she seeks adventure, and will do what it takes to get there.

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